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Fall Weekends at Boston’s SoWa with Pour List for 10/27

A Very SoWa Fall

Even though we’re preeeeeetty bummed summer is over (and SoWa Sundays, soon), we’re equally pumped to take advantage of all-things-fall. Especially the cooler weather. Which is ideal for enjoying a beer (or two, or three) at Boston’s SoWa Beer Garden. Our friends from Winooski, VT (Four Quarters Brewing!) are in Boston this weekend. If you want a chance to hang with the 4QBC crew, join them at SoWa THIS Sunday, 10/27. Keep reading for what’s pouring this weekend.👇

The Facts: SoWa’s Beer Garden is open on Sundays through October at The Power Station at 540 Harrison Ave in Boston (see the map below 👇) from 11a to 4p. We’ll release the beer + cider menus each week right here and on Instagram.

Weekend (Hop)penings

Our friends from Four Quarters are taking over the taps at SoWa THIS Sunday (10/27). They’re bringing their deeeeeeelicious (and spooky) beers with them. More on that below.

Quick DL about Four Quarters: Located in Winooski, VT, Four Quarters Brewing is a 10 barrel brewery specializing in sours, stouts and hoppy beers. Founded in March 2014, Four Quarters embodies the cycle of life, the journey that each ingredient makes on its way to your glass. A seed, carefully planted and nurtured, growing with the energy of the sun, Earth, wind, and rain. The fruits harvested, later release their seeds, and the cycle of life starts again. When Four Quarters creates new beers, it’s celebrating the Earth and everything that grows within. The Four Quarters logo shows the moon phases, which encapsulates this cycle, present in every living thing. The hope is that by thoughtfully crafting each and every beer with this cycle in mind, as well as the purpose of every ingredient used, the brewery can pass to its drinkers not just a glass of delicious brew, but its passion, its love, and its thankfulness for all things in the natural world. “We use a lot of natural ingredients in addition to barley, hops, and yeast… we sometimes use natural yeast from the air outside the brewery, sometimes ferment and age in oak wine and spirit barrels, we forage wild ingredients like staghorn sumac and rose petals, and use fresh whole foods like strawberries, rhubarb, currants, dill, basil, tomatoes, watermelon, sourdough bread, peaches, cherries, citrus zest, ginger, etc.”


What’s Pouring This Sunday (10/27)

So… what’s on tap this weekend at the Beer Garden? Four Quarters is bringing lots of craft goodness to SoWa! Did we mention there will be v Halloween-themed brews?!

Space Puppy | Session IPA with Simcoe & Galaxy Hops | 4% ABV

Wicked Witch of the West | West coast style IPA with Cascade | 7% ABV

Ghosts In the Sky | Double IPA with Galaxy and Ella hops | 8% ABV

This House Is Haunted | IPA hopped with an unholy amount of Mosaic and Ella | 8% ABV

Morning Star | Imperial milk stout with lactose , coffee beans and cold brew | 9% ABV