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Talking All Things Everett with Aeronaut Founder Ronn Friedlander

Aeronaut’s New Frontier in Everett

As of late last summer, Aeronaut has been cranking out cans and kegs from what they’ve affectionally dubbed, the Aeronaut Cannery. In order to get a better idea of what the facility means in the short and long-term for our customers, we sat down with one of the company’s founders, Ronn Friedlander, to talk all things Aeronaut.

CC: What prompted the opening of the new cannery?

Ronn Friedlander: Aeronaut maxed out production in Somerville several years ago, so we’ve been searching for a second home where we could increase production of cans and get our beer into the hands of more eager drinkers. The space in Everett allows us to increase production 4-fold, and it allows us to bring our taproom experience to the community in the Everett area.

CC: What can people expect with the opening of the new facility? 

RF: The Aeronaut Cannery will soon open a taproom next to the production facility. Like our Somerville taproom, we plan to have a rich calendar of events, live music and community engagement. We want to give the Cannery its own identity, with events that reflect the community in Everett. We are excited to see it evolve over the coming years. People who come to the Cannery, especially in the early days, can expect to help contribute to its unique culture and personality.

CC: How does it affect overall volume from a production & distro perspective?

RF: The Cannery will boost our production to 4 times our previous maximum. Our can production for distribution could increase by 5 or 6-fold. We anticipate that this will enable our beer to reach a broader audience, both within MA and further out in New England.

CC: Personal favorites from the Aeronaut portfolio? 

RF: Hop Hop and Away. To me, this is the perfect beer. Its bold and fruity aroma greets you boldly at the first sip, and yet it’s supremely drinkable. You can have just a taste on its own, or you can have a few cans at a barbecue. This beer is versatile, and it should be at the top of everyone’s list.

CC: Differences between Everett and Somerville? 

RF: The Everett Cannery is, as the name implies, built for cans. It’s a space for larger production, and as such, is in a more industrial and vehicle-friendly area. We plan to embrace the industrial nature of the neighborhood and ensure our taproom customers really experience those aspects of the new space. We anticipate differences in our programming that reflect the different interests of that community, and we want to ultimately create a more intimate atmosphere where lovers of our beer can get closer to the source. As heavy production shifts to Everett, Somerville will have a renewed focus on experimental beers and recipe design. With the added space, we hope to expand our barrel-aging/fermenting program in Somerville over the coming years.

CC: Is there one beer that you think aligns with Aeronaut’s brand best & why? 

RF: From a brand perspective, A Year with Dr. Nandu is synonymous with Aeronaut. The label illustration forms a jumping off point for the world of Aeronaut and the characters that dwell within. The bold Mosaic hops in this beer are also a good introduction to some of our favorite flavors, which are thematic across much of our portfolio. Another beer that aligns really well for us is Double Hop Hop. It’s a great showcase of what we can do with our brewing know-how (some hopping techniques were extensively tested in Aeronaut labs and in our pilot brewery) and the liberal use of some of our favorite hops. It’s a New England (Double) IPA, which is an important part of any self-respecting New England Brewery’s oeuvre.

The Core 4

With the Everett Cannery running on all cylinders, expect to see Aeronaut’s core IPA lineup on the reg. Chosen by identifying which beers in Aeronaut’s portfolio they’ve had the most time to work with and understand while simultaneously maintaining popularity with Aeronaut drinkers.

About Ronn

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Aeronaut, Ronn Friedlander moved to Boston to pursue a PhD in Medical Engineering at a MIT-Harvard joint program. Along the way, he met friends and fellow Aeronaut co-founders Daniel Rassi & Ben Holmes, who shared his love for experimentation and brewing, thus Aeronaut was born.

– Photo from The Crimson

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