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AL’s is a classic American easy drinking lager to enjoy all of life’s best moments without the booze.

AL’s is a light, crisp and refreshing non-alcoholic craft lager with a bready character that is harmoniously balanced with the herbal notes and spice of the noble hops. Only 45 calories.

AL’s is co-founded by music industry veteran Alban de Pury and his partner Fanny Karst. “During my years spent in music, I’ve stood many nights at the back of a concert hall with beer in hand. When a few years ago I decided to stop drinking, I could not believe there was no NA beer for people who wanted to go out and have a good time” says de Pury “I felt the NA beer market lacked a beer that would allow you to fit in comfortably in a nightlife situation where alcohol is ubiquitous. That’s how AL’s came to be and we’ve seen much success in those places”

“AL’s is a love letter to the light American lager” says de Pury. “It’s a great tasting, easy drinking NA beer to order at your favorite neighborhood bar when you feel like pacing yourself. It’s not about changing your lifestyle, it’s about doing all the things you love with a little less booze”

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