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Anchor & Hope

Anchor & Hope is a RI based modern négociant style winery founded by California native and traveling winemaker, James Davids and Massachusetts born and raised, Marissa Stashenko.

In 2018, after our son Liam was born, we left the biggest wine region in the US (California) in search of a different, more fulfilling lifestyle. With us, we brought our passion and knowledge of wine and our desire to start a new kind of wine business.

We landed in Providence, RI – a place that reminds us a lot of the way San Francisco used to be. It is blooming with artists, soul, diversity, and also has some grit. It’s surrounded by water, and we are able to get to the coast and to nature and open space easily. It’s also a midpoint between the west coast and Europe –opening up more possibilities for us to collaborate with our friends overseas who are doing really amazing things with wine.

We built out a winery in an old wire mill building in Rumford, RI, about 10 minutes from Providence. We partnered with small family farms in California, Oregon and Germany to make some really incredible wine. The wines ship to us soon after harvest, and we age and package here locally into either 5 gallon kegs or in 750ml bottles.

We love the kegs, especially for restaurants ‘by the glass’ programs, because they are so much better for the environment and the wine stays fresh. Also, because the cost of packaging is so much lower, we are able to get really amazing wine into the hands of consumers at a much better price. We provide full draft solutions for customers via our sister company, Enotap.

Our goal is to be transparent about the winemaking process and give insight into the story behind where our wines come from and the people who grew the fruit and started the process.

Inspired by the Rhode Island state flag, our name ‘Anchor & Hope’ speaks to our story of anchoring ourselves in Hope, Providence to start our family, and for our hopes and dreams for our life and this business.

SELL SHEETS: Rosé Pinot | Rosé | Sauvignon Blanc | Riesling | Mendo Red | Pinot Noir (Germany) | Pinot Noir (Oregon) | Chardonnay  | Grüner  |

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