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Bad Seed Cider Company

Based in New York’s bucolic Hudson Valley, Bad Seed is the first company to put a truly dry, 0g sugar cider into a can. Their flagship Dry Hard Cider is completely dry and, at 6.9% Abv, quite strong. Fermented with a sauvignon blanc yeast and then conditioned in that very can, they’ve crafted a dry cider that is similar to a champagne.

It’s the kind of idea you get after a few drinks at the local pub. “Hey, let’s start a cider company!” – and then forget about it the next day. But Albert and Devin, two guys up in Highland, New York, actually followed through with it. It didn’t hurt that Albert was a sixth generation apple farmer and Devin enjoyed brewing and fermenting anything that sounded like it had promise to make a tasty beverage. Ever since the summer of 2011, when these two childhood friends banded together with meager savings and a love of cider, they have been crafting, selling, and talking everything cider. It’s their pastime, their passion, and their life. Since the beginning, they have always had a single minded goal: bringing hand crafted, truly dry cider to the world.
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