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Casca Wines

Casca Wines was founded by experienced winemaker Hélder Cunha, driven by a deep desire to create exceptional Portuguese wines that reflect the unique terroirs of the country’s wine regions. This journey commenced in the challenging micro-region of Colares, where harsh ocean winds tested his resolve.

In homage to his hometown, Cascais, Hélder Cunha introduced multiple brands that now define their extensive wine portfolio. Today, with over a decade of history, Casca Wines holds a prominent position as the leader in Portugal’s organic and vegan wine market, boasting a multitude of national and international awards. Their commitment to crafting peerless wines resonates throughout their entire operation.

Hélder Cunha, a renowned winemaker and esteemed IWC Judge, began his career in Napa Valley in 2000, crafting exceptional Pinot Noir at Ken Rasmussen Winery. He further honed his expertise through studies at the prestigious Geisenhein Research Center and extensive work with Upper Douro Wines. Notably, his tenure at Vinhos Borges yielded the prestigious Grand dʼOr Concour Mondial de Bruxelles medal, showcasing his dedication across diverse wines and regions, from Port to Sparkling Wine.

In 2008, Hélder Cunha established Casca Wines as the first Portuguese wine company to produce wines across ten distinct DOCs, securing its pioneering status in the organic and vegan wine sector within Portugal.

Within Casca Wines, a relentless quest for excellence guides their pursuit of the finest growers and best grapes from each region. Their meticulous vinification process is an art form, employing temperature, air, and time to achieve seamless extraction, resulting in wines with vibrant flavors and a refined, velvety texture. Minimal intervention and wild yeast fermentation further enhance complexity, while meticulous blending and attention to detail craft the final symphony of flavors.

Casca Wines is a testament to Hélder Cunha’s visionary spirit, translating Portugal’s diverse terroirs into exceptional organic and vegan wines. Their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability continues to shape the future of Portuguese winemaking.

Distributed via Craft Cellars, Craft Collective’s wine division, offering a carefully curated selection of wine from small, artisan producers worldwide, with a focus on quality, passion, and unique, distinctive wines.

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