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Dezoito by Maniche

Introducing Dezoito by Maniche the debut wines that mark Nuno Ribeiro’s foray into the world of oenophilia. Renowned in soccer circles as Maniche, Nuno’s fervent passion for wine led to the creation of these wines through a collaborative partnership with the esteemed Douro producer, Quinta da Pacheca.

The wine’s name, Dezoito (Eighteen), bears a simple yet elegant origin. Nuno Maniche, a global soccer luminary with a stellar career across top leagues in Portugal, Russia, England, Spain, Italy, and Germany, has an impressive list of achievements. These include being part of the European runners-up team in 2004, securing a remarkable fourth-place finish in the 2006 World Cup, and clinching the coveted Champions League trophy, among numerous other accolades. Throughout his illustrious journey, one symbol remained constant – jersey number 18. His burgeoning interest in viticulture, particularly in the Douro region, led him to Quinta da Pacheca, the ideal partner to bring his wine vision to life. Thus, “Dezoito” was born

These wines, now available in the market, embody the culmination of a project nurtured since 2016. Maniche worked closely with Quinta da Pacheca’s winemaking team, led by Maria Serpa Pimentel, actively participating in every aspect of their production. From the fastidious selection of grape varieties that comprise the blend to overseeing vintage processes, traditional grape- handling techniques, and the maturation of the wines in oak barrels, Maniche’s engagement enriched his wine knowledge, fostering unwavering confidence in this pursuit of creating his wine brand.

In 2018, the inaugural release of Dezoito by Maniche wines came to fruition. As the brand evolved, it embraced a logical progression. The pursuit of crafting superior quality wines, sourced from select grapes, often originating from older vines or low-yield vineyards, resulted in the creation of reserve wines. These offerings, enriched with concentrated flavors and nuanced aromas, reflect a substantial investment in terms of time and resources, culminating in a premium product of exceptional quality.

Embracing the principles of Eco-Entrepreneurship, the Dezoito by Maniche brand embarked on an innovative path. It advocates for eco-friendly product creation, utilizing winery waste and incorporating pioneering digital processes into its operations.

In conclusion, ‘Dezoito by Maniche’ wines epitomize Maniche’s passion and commitment to the world of wine. From its inception in the Douro region to its evolution into premium reserve wines and eco-conscious practices, this brand signifies excellence and innovation in every sip.

Distributed via Craft Cellars, Craft Collective’s wine division, offering a carefully curated selection of wine from small, artisan producers worldwide, with a focus on quality, passion, and unique, distinctive wines.

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