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Luluna Kombucha

Luluna Kombucha (non-alcoholic) is crafted with New England spring water and the finest organic teas. Luluna Kombucha is not force-carbonated, instead, it is carbonated naturally by the living beverage and therefore every batch varies in effervescence. Luluna Kombucha is unpasteurized, meaning the probiotics specific to the kombucha culture are still intact and still present for your body to enjoy. Luluna Kombucha partners with local farms across New England and the herbs and fruits found in the flavors are always local when in-season. We are forever focused on doing things the right way, even (especially) when it’s the hard way. #finedrinking #farmtotap #tastethedifference

Luluna Kombucha originated in 2016 on Block Island, a small island off the coast of Rhode Island. Co-founder and avid kombucha drinker, Lucy Kreger, began brewing the beverage for friends and family using herbs and berries foraged from all over the island. She later set up a table at the Block Island Farmers’ Market to gather feedback on fine-tuning the recipe, taking a wide range of palettes into consideration.

The business grew organically and in June 2017 Lucy and partner Connor Maroney moved operations to the mainland and built out a small brewery in a mill building in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The business is now located in Providence, Rhode Island and specializes in offering kombucha on tap, limiting adding single-use bottles into circulation. Most recently Luluna Kombucha launched pre-packaged twelve-ounce bottles.

The word “kombucha” is not yet regulated in the United States, making it extremely difficult to find a brew on the shelves that is brewed similar to how it was made 2,000+ years ago.

Instead of partaking in the modern processes of pasteurization, speeding up fermentation, force-carbonating the beverage, etc., Luluna Kombucha is created slowly and authentically. Our initial fermentation takes anywhere between 3-6 weeks.


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