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Quinta do Oritgão

Quinta do Ortigão, nestled in Bairrada’s heart in Anadia, embodies four generations of winemaking heritage. With tradition, modernity, and visionary founder Augusto Brandão Alegre’s spirit as guiding lights, this historic estate has earned prestige in the wine world. Notably, it was the first to produce sparkling wine in Bairrada, focusing on crafting top-tier wines that harmonize timeless practices with contemporary techniques.

The tale begins in the late 19th century when the Alegre family, deeply rooted in Bairrada, embarked on crafting sparkling wines. Over four generations, they’ve unwaveringly dedicated themselves to producing sparkling and table wines in Anadia, Bairrada’s heart. Quinta do Ortigão wines exemplify their commitment, offering the region’s finest.

In the late 19th century, Justino de Sampaio Alegre, a revered Bairrada figure, established Caves Monte Crasto in Anadia amidst vineyards hit hard by the “phylloxera” outbreak. Determined, he journeyed to France to learn modern vineyard healing techniques. Upon returning, he applied these methods, pioneering Portuguese sparkling wine production. His efforts earned international recognition, including a Gold Medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

In 1935, Augusto Brandão Alegre took the reins from his father, continuing the quest to enhance sparkling wine production. Under his leadership, the cellars underwent renewal and significant expansion. In 1956, he handed management to his sons, exemplifying hard work, perseverance, and integrity. In 1972, Manuel Pereira Alegre transformed Quinta do Ortigão from an experimental field into a thriving vineyard.

Manuel, armed with knowledge from enology courses in the Champagne region of Epernay, initiated sparkling wine production at Quinta do Ortigão. By 1998, the need for a modern wine cellar arose, and in 1999, Pedro Alegre assumed management, embarking on vineyard expansion and the production of Bairrada Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) wines. They represent the fourth generation dedicated to winemaking.

Quinta do Ortigão’s location between the Buçaco and Caramulo mountains in Anadia is prime. The 37-acre estate, with 25 acres dedicated to vineyards, boasts an altitude of 310 meters, clay-limestone soils, and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. This setting significantly influences their wines, known for their freshness due to mild winters, rainy seasons, and sea winds during temperate summers. The vineyards, cultivated across four generations, feature a diverse range of grape varieties amidst olive trees and pine groves, nurturing biodiversity and the estate’s ecosystem. Minimal interventions are employed to preserve the natural heritage, with all vineyard work done manually, maintaining a close connection with nature’s wisdom.

In 2020, Quinta do Ortigão joined the Terras and Terroir Group, ensuring its legacy endures as a distinguished name in the wine world. Quinta do Ortigão stands as a timeless testament to commitment and vision, a symbol of enduring excellence.

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