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South Hill Cider

Professional musician and self taught Cidermaker Steve Selin merged his love for the Finger Lakes and passion for quality craftsmanship into South Hill Cider in 2003.

South Hill Cider, uses traditional cider-making techniques to craft ciders marked by their individuality, quality, and elegance. Each apple variety has a different voice and their aim is to assist it in speaking from its core.

Located on a bucolic hilltop, the orchard is part of a harmonious ecosystem that relies on diversity and fertility as its foundation. It all started out as a collaboration with an adjoining landowner to plow his fallow fields in order to plant apple trees. In 2014, they purchased the land finalizing their dream of having their own estate cider orchard.

South Hill’s sister brand Phonograph is a “harvest cider,” that is made only annually, at harvest time, from high quality apples that are pressed at harvest time. Phonograph, uses much of the same fruit in its cider and uses contract facilities to package the cider since South Hill’s Cidery is so small.

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