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St. Mayhem Craft Wine Coolers

We didn’t set out to re-invent the wine cooler. We just had ideas that would not go away. Like an itch you can’t scratch. We found ourselves saying: “What if we …?” So the experiments started around 2012. We co-fermented, we aged with wild ingredients, we picked up everything we knew and turned it around and asked if it really applied – to us. So here we are…we didn’t stop when we made great wine. That was just the start. We made delicious wine and kept going.

If you like things to be the exact same way – don’t try this wine. If you like uniformity – don’t try this wine. If you think wine can only be from France or single vineyards or picked by virgins – we wish you a great life, but we must part ways.

If you are curious. If you embrace risk. If you answer to a higher calling and appreciate artisanal hand made products…welcome to our tribe. Grab a glass and join us on a journey of adventure and discovery.

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