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Luna Bay’s Light Hard Kombucha is Here

Meet Luna Bay Light: Lychee Lime

Luna Bay Booch is changing the hard kombucha game (again!) with their first lower cal, lower carb, lower ABV offering, Luna Bay Light Lychee Lime.

This easy drinking booch combines Luna Bay’s pure Yerba Mate tea base with the natural sweetness of lychee and tartness of lime, naturally fermented to 4.5% ABV. At 0 carbs and just 110 calories, it’s a refreshing, lighter take on boozy booch, perfect for warmer days ahead.

Luna Bay Light Lychee Lime can

What the heck is lychee?
Lychee is a fragrant fruit native to Asia. It’s sweet with notes of grape, rose, and pear. Unlike many other fruits, lychees retain their luscious natural flavor when made into juice. Mixologists often lean on lychee in cocktails for this reason!

Recipe: Lychee Boochtini

Combine 1 can Luna Bay Light Lychee Lime, 1.5 oz. vodka, and a squeeze of lime juice.

Stirred, not shaken. 🍸



The Scoop on Boozy Booch

This West Coast trend is making its way East. Hard kombucha is made by naturally fermenting a combination of tea, fruits, and herbs. In addition to being delicious, boozy booch contains beneficial probiotics and is a great option for those seeking a plant-based or gluten-free bev. Try all of Luna Bay’s hard kombucha flavors, including: Light Lychee Lime, Orange Persimmon Smash, Palo Santo Blueberry, Ginger Lemon, and Hibiscus Lavender.


Available in 12 oz. cans, 16 oz. cans, kegs: Palo Santo Blueberry, Ginger Lemon, Hibiscus Lavender

Available in 12 oz. cans: Light Lychee Lime, Orange Persimmon Smash


Talk to your rep about adding cans and kegs of Luna Bay Booch to your order. View our full availability list here.

Booch fans – check out our Delivery Tracker to see where we’ve dropped LBB Light and more near you!