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We reserve the right to limit the quantities of merchandise shipped consistent with the perishable nature of the product and/or its availability.

Standard Payment Terms: COD

Order Minimums: One keg (15.5gal, 13.2gal), two logs (5.2gal, 7.75gal, 20L, 30L), or $250 minimum order for delivery.

Deposits: All bottle deposits are $0.05 per unit. Barrel deposits are $30.00, except cask barrels, which are $100.

Split Case Policy: $1 per unit, 6 unit minimum per SKU, 12 units minimum

Customers are asked to refrain from making credit adjustments. All credit adjustments will be made by Craft Collective. Payments on invoices should not be held for pickup. If you have questions about an invoice or statement, please contact [email protected].