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Tendril + Chophouse = 😍😍😍

Everybody Loves Tendril

Especially Wakefield’s Chophouse Grille, where Jamie Buscher, our new RI brand manager, caught up with GM, Chris Byrne, about Proclamation’s Tendril IPA and why this Rhode Island restaurant is ripping through several barrels each month. Keep reading for Chris’ take on Proc’s Tendril. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Jamie Buscher: Let’s talk Tendril. How is the IPA performing in your lineup?Β 

Chris Byrne: It’s the second best selling beer in our entire lineup. We’re going through a barrel and a half a week, so it’s definitely doing well.

JB: Why do you think the beer is selling so well?Β 

CB: Everybody loves local, and Tendril is a crushable, easy-drinking IPA that people really like. They love that it’s brewed just down the road.

JB: Does your staff enjoy the beer?Β 

CB:Β  “Hey Zack, how do you feel about it?”

Zack: “I LOVE IT!”

CB: That pretty much sums it up.

JB: What do your customers think of the beer?

CB: Again, it’s our second bestselling beer, so they must like it!

JB: How or why do you think you’re doing so well with Tendril?

CB: People come in looking for local. When they see brands like Proclamation and Shaidzon, the beer really just sells itself. Even the tourists ask for local, and we tell them we’ve got an awesome IPA from Proclamation, and they go with that.

Why WE Love Tendril

Well… what’s not to love? Proclamation’s Tendril IPA is a hybrid mix between the west coast pine/grapefruit/citrus/floral hop profile and softer, less bitter, medium haze IPA. 7.5% ABV, dry, super drinkable. Tendril was Proclamation’s first IPA ever brewed, and it’s available to be enjoyed all.year.round.

About ChopHouse

Besides their dope beer lineup, Chophouse Grille is an American restaurant serving quality steaks, local seafood and light fare in a casual environment. Located in Wakefield, Rhode Island, they are just a few minutes from scenic Narragansett Beach as well as shopping in downtown Wakefield. Their menu features a balance of sophisticated cuisine and casual dining options, making Chophouse a destination for just about any occasion. In their three years, this warm and inviting restaurant has become one of South County’s favorites.

Location: 191 Old Tower Hill Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879

If you’re a total foodie, check out Chophouse’s Instagram for instant 🀀. And if you’re a total craft beer nerd (guilty), follow us on Instagram for more behind the scenes info (like this interview), local events and lots more craft beer + cider. See ya there! πŸ‘‹