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Proclamation Ale Company

Proclamation Ale Company, aka “Proc”, was founded by Dave Witham in early 2014 with one purpose: to provide delicious and exciting beer to a local market that was clamoring for something besides an amber ale. This original dream started with a nano system in West Kingston, RI but, after many small expansions, they outgrew that space. In December of 2017, they opened the doors to their new, larger brewery in Warwick.

In their new location, Dave and the Proc team continued pushing the envelope, testing and developing new beer styles and techniques, and, of course, still creating delicious beers. Many thousands of pounds of hops and adjuncts later, their goals and philosophies have broadened; and while brewing, serving and selling creative and delicious beer is still their purpose, they also want to provide an exciting, fun, and creative space for the community to enjoy together.

Sadly, Dave passed away in December 2020, but his vision and legacy are being kept alive by his wife, Lori, and her incredible staff (aka the Procfam!).

Each year, Proclamation commemorates Dave with Daveapalooza, a public event celebrating all of his passions.

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