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Brands of Portugal

Craft Cellars has partnered with wine importers and all around delightful people, Brands of Portugal!

As their name makes clear, Brands of Portugal is focused on the diverse, distinct, and delicious wines of Portugal, including both the mainland and the Atlantic Islands of Madeira and the Azores. This reflects both the ethos of Brands of Portugal and its exclusive focus on Portuguese products as well the background of Chris and Nelly, the animating force behind Brands of Portugal. They are both of Portuguese descent, with Nelly’s family hailing from the Azores and Chris’s from the North of mainland Portugal and have one foot firmly planted in Portugal.

Together Brands of Portugal and Craft Cellars now represent a varied array of producers from all across Portugal with a focus on quality and even more importantly, the people behind the products. Craft Cellars is always focused on real wines made by real people, folks you can visit, talk to, and whose vision and passion you can understand and taste in what they produce. Brands of Portugal has a similar focus, respecting the labor-intensive work behind each producer’s work and seeing the excitement in their faces as they talk about the end result of that is a huge part of what drive them. We’re thrilled to do this together.

View Brands of Portugal’s portfolio here.

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