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Brasserie Fantôme

La Brasserie Fantôme was founded in 1988 in the village of Soy, Belgium by brewer Dany Prignon and his father. Having worked for a few years for various local tour groups, Dany hoped to bring his village, his town, and his region “back to life” and was looking toward revitalizing traditional, local manufacturing, hence the interest in old table beer recipes.

“Indeed, before, each village had its own everyday beverage, and this place of manufacture and sale was as common as a bakery, or a small retail business. Better!, It was above all a place of meetings, contacts, various discussions, and especially friendship among the inhabitants ….”
– Dany Prignon (translated from French)

Looking for a regional name for his brand, Dany chose “Fantôme”, because it was reminiscent of La Roche and its famous Princess Bertha, a popular tourist attraction during the summer. In addition, various other local legends also referenced spirits and hauntings, further solidifying the connection. Even today, this small artisanal brewery aims to be exclusively family-run and combine the quality of its hospitality with the diversity of its products.

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