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North American Press

North American Press, a Sonoma based project of Matt Niess, is all about questions. What’s the deal with native American grapes anyhow? Why are they shunned? And should they be shunned? Is it justified? Where does this quick-to-judge attitude come from? Why do European regulations ban hybrid grapes? Why do many vignerons in Europe still insist on growing hybrid wine grapes? To make an authentic American wine, shouldn’t we look to native grape species? Shouldn’t we support preserving the diversity of native grapes around the world? If we are to take sustainability seriously, shouldn’t we be using  these naturally disease resistant grapevines? What if we plant native and hybrid grapes in the top wine growing regions throughout California and farm, ferment, and cellar these grapes with the sort of care and attention to detail we give European grapes? What then? What does North American wine really taste like? – Matt seeks to provide some answers to these questions through crafting authentic wines and grape/apple ciders made with native and hybrid grapes responsibly grown in great terroirs.

Distributed via Craft Cellars, Craft Collective’s wine division, offering a carefully curated selection of wine from small, artisan producers worldwide, with a focus on quality, passion, and unique, distinctive wines.

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