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Quinta de Curvos

Quinta de Curvos is an estate steeped in over four centuries of rich history, brimming with legends and captivating stories. It stands as one of the most enchanting estates in the region, boasting a venerable manor house, enchanting caves, a serene lake, meticulously tended gardens, and, of course, verdant vineyards. The period from 1600 to 1970 witnessed this estate change hands no less than ten times, each transition accompanied by its own historical tapestry and tales.

However, the winds of change swept through Quinta de Curvos in April 1974, with the Portuguese Revolution. In a time fraught with uncertainty and trepidation, the estate turned yet another chapter in its illustrious history. It found new custodians in the Fonseca family, hailing from the city of Braga. Thus, Quinta de Curvos – Sociedade Agrícola, S.A. emerged as a family- owned enterprise, founded in 1976 by two brothers, Jaime and José Fonseca.

Having spent more than a quarter-century in Angola, the brothers returned to Portugal in 1974. Eager to pursue their passion for the world of wine, they embarked on a journey that led to the acquisition of the Quinta de Curvos estate.

Situated in a valley gently caressed by the influence of the Neiva River, within the Demarcated Region of Vinho Verde, the vineyards of Quinta de Curvos are distinctly marked by their Atlantic proximity. They thrive on granite soils, bask in generous sunlight, and bear the imprint of Atlantic breezes. These factors collectively contribute to the unique character of the wines crafted at the estate.

The Demarcated Region of Vinho Verde spans the northeastern part of Portugal, known traditionally as Entre-Douro-e-Minho. Its boundaries trace the Minho River to the north (along the Galician border), while to the east and south, it encompasses mountainous terrain that naturally demarcates it from inland regions with Mediterranean characteristics. To the west, the vast Atlantic Ocean forms the region’s westernmost frontier.

Quinta de Curvos boasts 70 acres of meticulously tended vineyards, spread across four distinct properties located in Forjães, Ponte de Lima, and Barcelos. With the Loureiro, Avesso, Sauvignon Blanc, Alvarinho, Trajadura, Arinto, Vinhao and Espadeiro grape varieties. The variegated offerings of Vinho Verde produced at Quinta de Curvos are a harmonious medley of aromas, resulting in wines renowned for their quality—refreshing, fruity, and impeccably balanced. This excellence emerges from the scrupulous selection of grape varieties and vigilant oversight throughout the winemaking process.

As a family-owned business, Quinta de Curvos is underpinned by a steadfast commitment to values of excellence, tradition, and innovation, all while maintaining unwavering respect for the environment and an enduring passion for wine. Environmental stewardship is not just a mindset but a practical ethos at Quinta de Curvos, underscored by a strong emphasis on sustaining the vineyard’s biodiversity. Agricultural practices adhere to a comprehensive plan of integrated protection, preserving the equilibrium of the agricultural ecosystems. During the vineyards’ rest periods, tractors and herbicides yield to a more environmentally friendly alternative: sheep, minimizing the ecological footprint.

Quinta de Curvos feels like something plucked from the pages of a fairy tale. From its captivating cave nestled by a tranquil lake to its meticulously manicured gardens and sprawling vineyards, it beckons visitors to explore its hidden treasures.

Since the Fonseca family’s acquisition in 1974, Quinta de Curvos has undergone remarkable transformations. Yet, to this day, it remains a 100% family-operated enterprise, with the second generation passionately dedicated to continuing its legacy and an enduring passion for wine

Quinta de Curvos stands not only as a repository of centuries- old history but also as a testament to unwavering commitment and familial devotion. Its lush vineyards, enchanting gardens, and captivating stories have been lovingly nurtured by successive generations. The Fonseca family’s stewardship has infused new life into this timeless estate, preserving its heritage while embracing innovation.

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