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Wonderwerk House of Fermentation

Wonderwerk House of Fermentation is a collaboration between Issamu Kamide and Andrew Lardy, two high school friends from Virginia seeking new directions in fermentation. They live in LA (Echo Park!) and make supernatural wines from all over California, producing and bottling with their own hands and feet. Issamu and Andrew’s wines ride the wavelength from low-intervention to high-innovation, making collaborative ideas come to life in funky new ways. Wonderwerk began as a long night on a disco dancefloor (Despacio!) wound down and Issamu and Andrew didn’t want the party to end. Now, it’s flowed from there into the wines you see and drink today.

Distributed via Craft Cellars, Craft Collective’s wine division, offering a carefully curated selection of wine from small, artisan producers worldwide, with a focus on quality, passion, and unique, distinctive wines.

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