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Now Available in Maine: Hermit Thrush Brewery’s New American Sours

Get excited, Mainers! Starting this week, Hermit Thrush Brewery’s New American Sours will be available at your favorite bottle shops and watering holes in Portland and beyond. We’re celebrating with the crew from Hermit Thrush all week at some of our fave spots (complete schedule below). Come hang with us and Christophe Gagné, HT’s co-founder and brewmaster!

P.S. Scroll to the end of this post for more info on all of the HT beers now in rotation in Maine.


Starting at 5, you’ll find the Hermit Thrush crew at The Portland Zoo for sours, grilled cheeses and other drool-worthy beer + cheese pairings from The Cheese Shop of Portland. Pouring: Gin Barrel Saison, Supah Phunk #7, Brattleberry and Grosielle.

At 7, Hermit Thrush will battle it out, arcade game style, at Arcadia National Bar’s Brewery Battle (HT is the only out-of-town brewery competing…NBD…). Stickney Kriek will be on tap with fresh cans of Party Guy and Po Tweet.


Swing by Rosemont Market West End from 4-6 on Wednesday for samples of Dark @ 4:30, Party Guy, Po Tweet and Gin Barrel Saison.

Down south in Kittery we’ll be hanging with our friends at Spruce Creek Provisions, pouring Brattleberry, Tall Dark & Handsome, Alight, Brattlebeer, Gin Barrel Saison, Party Guy, Po Tweet and Stickney Kriek from 4-6.


Bier Cellar West in Gorham is where we’ll be from 4-6, sampling Po Tweet, Groseille, Gin Barrel Saison and Stickney Kriek, followed by some quality time at Highroller, the only place this week where you can enjoy Green Street Sour IPA, the new 6.8% sour cousin to HT’s High Street Vermont IPA. Plus, enjoy draft pours of Gin Barrel Saison, Supah Phunk #7 and Stickney Kriek and cans of Brattleberry and Po Tweet.

FRIDAY, 1/25

Bier Cellar is hosting the Hermit Thrush crew from 4-6, pouring Stickney Kriek, Groseille, Po Tweet and Gin Barrel Saison. Then, join us at 7 for the weekend’s first HT Launch Party at LFK. Enjoy draft pours of Stickney Kriek and Brattlebeer and cans of Party Guy, Alight and Dark @ 4:30.


Brunch it up, then meet us at Novare Res at noon, when Hermit Thrush pours begin, including a few beers you’ll find only at Novare, like HT’s 2018 Cuvée, Fou D’or, and Supah Phunk #8. Also on tap and wildly delicious: Supah Phunk #6 and #7, Gin Barrel Saison, Stickney Kriek and Brattleberry.


*Note: A few of these are only available in extremely limited quantities.

2018 Cuvée | 5.9% ABV | Very fine barrel aged Sour Ale

Alight | 3.4% ABV | Oak aged session Sour Ale

Brattlebeer | 5.2% ABV | Sour Ale with local Vermont apples

Brattleberry | 5.2% ABV | Sour Ale with cider aged on raspberries

Dark @ 4:30 | 6.2% ABV | Belgian Dark Ale

Fou D’or | 5.9% ABV | Unblended foudre aged golden Sour Ale

Gin Barrel Saison | 6.5% ABV | Sour Saison aged in local spirit barrels

Green Street Sour IPA | 6.8% ABV | The new sour cousin to HT’s High Street Vermont IPA

Grosielle | 5.7% ABV | Foudre aged Sour Ale with red currants

Party Guy | 3% ABV | Parti-Gyle Sour Small Beer

Po Tweet | 5.2% ABV | Kettle soured Pale Ale with local hops

Supah Phunk #6, #7 & #8 | 5.9% ABV | Special release barrel aged Sour Saison

Stickney Kriek | 5.8% ABV | Sour Cherry Ale

Tall Dark & Handsome | 7.9% ABV | Sour Old Ale aged in fruit barrels

Hit us up on Instagram with any questions and for scenes from the week.