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Back East: Brouwerij West

California’s Brouwerij West first caught our eye at The Festival last October because OMG their can labels. Craft Beer & Brewing’s Brewing Industry Guide dubbed them “next-level labels” and Long Beach Post called them “collectible works of art,” so…yeah, they’re pretty rad. The pic above says it all 👆 (for more eye candy, check out their Instagram).

Their beer…well, it’s delicious and interesting, and we’re excited to have it back in stock again in Massachusetts (but not for long!) thanks to BW’s first drop since IPA Fest. We have cans and kegs of Popfuji Pilsner, an authentically produced, can conditioned (keep refrigerated!), unfiltered Pils with a slight fruity/hoppy character, and Picnic Lightning, a 6.8% hazy IPA hopped with Centennial, Simcoe, and Citra hops.

For your viewing pleasure

In February, Long Beach Post published a killer write up on Brouwerij West and documented in this short video how BW labels its most intricate and interesting cans. Worth the watch!


RETAILERS: Contact your sales rep to add Brouwerij West to your next order. CRAFT BEER ENTHUSIASTS: DM us on Instagram to find out where you can purchase Popfuji and Picnic Lightning at your neighborhood bottle shop, bar or restaurant.

We leave you with this: