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Craft Collective’s Poolside Sippers

Looking for a cold craft beverage to enjoy by the pool? We’ve got some favorite summer ciders, seltzers, and RTDs that are perfect for enjoying near the water.


1) Mood-Boosting Seltz

Daytrip Hemp-Infused Sparkling Water

Sparkling water infused with hemp extract and natural flavors. Available in six fruity So-Cal inspired flavors. Non-Alcoholic

2) Crushable Cider

Hudson North Cider

Hazy, dry cider made with apples grown in the Hudson Valley. Full flavored, gluten-free, and low in sugar. Classic flavors and unique seasonals available. 5% ABV

3) All-American Craft Ginger Beer

Halyard Hard Ginger Beer

Pre-prohibition style ginger beers brewed in several refreshing flavors. Naturally gluten free, low in sugar, and absolutely delicious. 4-6% ABV

4) Causeway’s Cocktail

Scal’s Vodka Lemonade

Premium vodka and lemonade. Crushable, yet 18% ABV. Created by Celtics legend Brian Scalabrine.

5) Cape Cod Classics

Cod’r Craft Cocktails

Ready-to-drink craft cocktails made with real spirits and all-natural juice. Available in four refreshing flavors for every kind of seafaring soul. 4.5% ABV

6) Booch with a Boozy Bite

Luna Bay Booch

Hard kombucha made from real fruits, herbs, and Yerba Mate tea. All flavors are gluten free, low in sugar, vegan, and naturally fermented. 6% ABV

7) Your Beach Day Buzz

Highball Vodka Soda

Ready-to-drink vodka soda available in three fruity flavors. Certified organic, 90 calories per can. 4.6% ABV

… and the List Goes On:

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