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A Love Letter to ANXO (Whose Cider is Now Available in Rhode Island)

Dear ANXO,

Together, we’ve enjoyed the coast of Maine, the foliage of Western Mass., the Boston skyline… It’s high time we go south and explore the beaches of Newport, share the cuisine on Federal Hill, and get all fancy for a date on Watch Hill (RI’s a hilly place…?).

We’ll show you all there is to love about Rhode Island; its strip pizza and dough boys, its local vernacular and omission of ‘R’s,’ how to pack a lunch for a 20-minute drive. Stuff like that. We’ll show you. 😘

If we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times: we love your commitment to using a diverse range of apples (and no adjunct ingredients); we love your D.C. origins (we could insert an offhanded comment here, but instead we’ll say how impressed we were when you opened your doors in our nation’s capital as the first licensed winery since Prohibition); and we’re particularly smitten by your history in the beer biz and how this fueled your passion for cider (entrepreneurship is the sexiest).

Your District Dry cider is so new and so good, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that you used a blend of regional heirloom apples, including Rhode Island Greening (the official fruit of the great Ocean State), in your latest release. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Let’s do Rhode Island. And let’s do it on Valentine’s Day. This Thursday, February 14, meet us at Bayberry Beer Hall at 4p for the first of what we promise will be many dates across Rhode Island.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ANXO. Welcome to RI.

💖 Craft Collective


Maybe you love ANXO as much as we do. Maybe it’s your first rendezvous with the cidery. Either way, lightening will strike when you sip on ANXO at Bayberry on Thursday. We’re sure of it. Join us!




Dry Cider | 6.9% ABV
A blend of rare red-fleshed fleshed apples from Washington state blended with Virginian & Pennsylvanian GoldRush apples. Dry and fruit forward, this rosé cider’s blush color is 100% from apples, no additives.

District Dry

Dry Cider | 6.9% ABV
A blend of regional heirloom apples, including Rhode Island Greening, Winesap, Goldrush and several other early summer varietals fermented with both wine and native yeasts in stainless tanks. ANXO’s latest release.

Happy Trees

Dry Cider | 6.9% ABV
With just the right balance of acidity, tannin, and natural fermentation funk, this spontaneously fermented cider is not to be missed. A blend of heirloom apples spontaneously fermented in oak foudres.


Dry Cider | 6.9% ABV
A collaboration with Snowdrift Cider Co. A blend of the finest cider apples grown on Snowdrift Ciderʼs orchard in central Washington. Big, full-bodied, and off-dry. Notes of orange blossoms, orange oil, tropical fruit, and fresh flowers.


Dry Cider | 6.9% ABV
ANXO’s 2nd collaboration with legendary Oliver’s Cider of Herefordshire, UK. Bright acidity is provided by ANXO’s VA Goldrush apples while Oliver’s traditional Hereford bittersweets provide a balancing tannic backbone.

These ANXO ciders (and five others!) are in stock now. Check out our RI availability list (or our Rhode Island or Maine lists), then contact your rep to add them to your order.