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Our Oktoberfest 2019 Lineup is 🔥 (+ Pre-Order Form)

Oktoberfest, More Like Craftoberfest

Forget about Christmas in July. We’re alllll about Oktoberfest in July. That’s because Festbiers and Märzens are in the tanks at breweries like Aeronaut, Banded, Queen City, Singlecut and a bunch more, so if you want “in” on our Oktoberfest lineup come September, now is the time to let us know. Accounts: keep scrolling for beer specs and our pre-order form. Enthusiasts: keep your 👀 out for these Oktos in-store and at your local watering hole starting in late August. And start prepping your fall flannel.

Oktoberfest Beer Lineup + Availability

We’re pumped to bring you a range of fresh Oktoberfest beers to be enjoyed all season long. 🍂🍂🍂 They’re brewed close to home (like, really close) vs. moseying across the Atlantic on a hot cargo ship. Don’t get us wrong: we’ve got nothing but love for the OG Oktoberfests, but we think freshness and refrigeration matter for lagers, too. Here’s what we’ll be delivering. 👇 Note: availability differs between MA + RI. 

Available in MA + RI:

Aeronaut | Oktoberfest | A 5% ABV Märzen.

Banded | Oktoberfest | A 5.2% ABV classic German-style Märzen. Malty notes of toffee, biscuit, caramel and timelessness.

Kent Falls | Wooded Streams | A 4.7% ABV Vienna inspired lager that is brewed almost entirely with Vienna style malt grown and produced in Connecticut. Compared to traditionally produced Vienna style malts, KF’s grains result in a rich copper hue reminiscent of late season leaves across our surrounding hills, with a more bread crust, date and fig character like a Märzen arriving just in time for Oktoberfest.

Queen City Brewery | Oktoberfest | Full-bodied, yet refreshing, QCB’s 5.5% ABV Oktoberfest is a traditional German Märzen-style lager, with a complex, toasty malt profile and a crisp finish.

Schilling | Konstantin | Copper-colored, dry Austrian-style Märzen, with notes of bread and toast. 5.1% ABV.

SingleCut | Inexplicably Used Umlaut | This fall classic gets SC’s full effort with true lagering – cold conditioned for three months as per German tradition in horizontal lagering tanks, resulting in an evolved and beautifully elegant fusion of toffee malt, clean finish and flawless hop balance. A 6% ABV Festbier.

Available in MA Only:

Bunker | Bunktoberfest | Bunker’s classic 6.3% ABV Märzen Lager.

Idle Hands | Brocktoberfest | Malty with notes of fresh baked crusty bread and a touch of caramel sweetness. 5.5% ABV.

Relic | Oktoberfest | This 5.8% ABV Märzen is balanced and drinkable.

Available in RI Only:

Oxbow | Oxtoberfest | A farmhouse festbier featuring a malt body that is both dry and creamy with hints of smoke. 5.5% ABV.

Rising Tide | Oktoberfest | Complex and malty while still being dry and crisp, Rising Tide’s Märzen-style lager is a celebration of the crisp weather of autumn. 6% ABV.

Shaidzon | Oktoberfest | Light caramel color and malty flavor with a crisp dry finish. 6% ABV.

Pre-Order Now

What now? Tell us what you want/need by completing our Oktoberfest Pre-Order Form. Select the brands, formats and quantities that best suit your needs, and please note that many of these beers are available in limited quantities. We ask that you submit your order no later than Friday, August 2. (Almost a full week to make your selections!) 👈 Please refer to our Oktoberfest email for anticipated delivery dates. Quantities permitting, we will automatically add your pre-ordered items to your following delivery.

Attention on-premise customers: If you order kegs from five or more of the breweries on our Oktoberfest list, we’ll throw you a party. 🎉 Seriously. We’ll call it “Craftoberfest.” We’re thinking German steins 🍺, blue and white pennants, custom coasters, a hand-created German playlist, Alpine hats, koozies and our full marketing support. You get the idea. Place your order, then talk to your rep about dates.

Year Two: Schilling x SoWa Oktoberfest

The next best thing to Oktoberfest in Germany? Oktoberfest in New England. We’re bringing Schilling to SoWa for the second year in a row! Stay tuned for details. Lederhosen strongly suggested.

Before you go, please enjoy this pic from last year’s SoWa Oktoberfest with our friends from Schilling. You’re welcome. 👇