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4th of July: What We’re Crushing

‘Merica Worthy Brews

4th of July marks the pinnacle of summer. 🏖️ It’s pretty much all down hill from here (we’ll be sporting fall flannel before you know it). If you’re from New England, you know that the Fourth isn’t just a day but a week (or at the very least, a verrrry long weekend). And arguably the best one of the year. It kicks off with a ton of traffic (Cape Cod bridges, anyone?!). But it’s totally worth it knowing all the day drinking days that lie ahead. Or, maybe you’re stuck in the office most of the week (in which case – you’ll definitely need to crush a few post-work).

Regardless of how you celebrate – on a beach, lakefront, campsite, backyard BBQ – we’ve got the most crush-worthy 4th of July bevies. From refreshing ciders, to ready-to-drink canned cocktails, to hoppy IPAs. Keep reading to see what we’ll be sippin’ on one hand as we wave a mini American flag in the other. 👇

What We’re Drinking This 4th of July

To make sure we all live our best 4th of July, we’ve rounded up all the craft beverages you (+ your customers) need in your coolers, your backyard, on your pool float, etc.

+ Interboro Gin & Tonic: we *just* brought these cocktails-in-a-can in from Brooklyn’s Interboro, a brewery / distillery that draws inspo from its owner’s record industry days. Available in two flavors: Goodwin Hill Gin & Tonic, which mixes Interboro’s robust Goodwin Hill Gin with citrusy tonic and lime; and Hibiscus & Lime Gin & Tonic – effervescent and bright pink with just enough bite from Interboro’s Goodwin Hill Gin and both the floral sweetness of lime and hibiscus. At 7% ABV, these G&Ts are sure to make for a goooood 4th. (Available in MA only.)

+ Reverend Nat’s Saint Citron Cider: A 5.2% ABV hard cider with lemon, lime, Meyer lemon, Persian black lime, kumquat and grapefruit. Cascade hops, ginger, sea salt. If you’re landlocked for the Fourth, this cider will instantly transport you somewhere beach-y. 👌

+ Halyard Ginger Beer: Ginger beer for (summer) dayyyys. Did you know Halyard uses organic and fair trade ingredients to brew its alcoholic ginger beer? 🧜‍♀️ We’re packing our coolers with: Nicole’s Extra Ginger Beer, a 6% ABV Caribbean style ginger beer with fresh ginger heat and Island aromatics and Volcano Juice Ginger Beer Shandy: A refreshing 4.1% ABV ginger beer shandy brewed with organic lemons. Slightly sweet with a crisp and gingery lemon bite. PS: Join us for a showing of JAWS at the Orpheum Theater, 7/5, 7/6, 7/12 & 7/13 at 9:30p. Halyard Brewing + the Orpheum Theater will donate $1 from every pour of Halyard ginger beers purchased during showings!


+ SingleCut Kim Hibiscus Sour Lager: This sour is basically a sunny day. In a can. Notes of dark fruit, floral tannin, bright lemon and a touch of sweet wheat. At 4.2% ABV, it’s too good to not add to your beach day cooler.

+ Definitive Contee: This 4.6% ABV Kölsch is defined by its supreme easy-drinking quality. Aka perfect for a sunny Cape Cod or Block Island or Peak’s Island getaway. Hopped thoughtfully with German hops, this ale is fermented for many moons at cooler temperatures providing a lager-like ale that is crisp, clean and refreshing.


+ Foreign Objects: We’ll be imbibing IPAs aplenty from FO: Glass Candle Grenades DDH NE IPA: tropical citrus, peach-nectar and sweet lime burst and explode from the combination of Motueka, Centennial, and Simcoe hops. 7.1% ABV. What We All Want DDH NEIPA: Mosaic and Azacca hops give you what you need to fill your time… huge aromas of citrus/grape, kiwi, passion fruit, and resinous American hop intensity. 6.1% ABV. Wet Gravity DDH NE IPA: Hopped densely with the eternally saturating Citra and Azacca hops. The aromas of passion fruit, mango, and deep citrus-resin. 7% ABV

+ Kent Falls Pastori: Meet KF’s new Keller Pilsner: Pastori. Brewed with Endeavor barley from Valley Malt and hopped with Southern Hemisphere noble hops. Loads of familiar and unique floral and fruit character flowing through this little one. Like Marigolds and Apricots. At 5% ABV, it’s v drinkable all.week.long.

+ JAPAS Kawaii: A 6.4% Fruited IPA with heaps of raspberry and blackberry. But it’s not too sweet. It’s still got plenty of hoppiness thanks to Amarillo and Ekuanot. Plus, these cans are adooorable and did we mention it pours pink? Also, have you seen the vomiting raspberry?! They’re a perfect conversation starter at a backyard BBQ. 🌈


We’ll be sharing what we’re drinking all week over at @ccdrinks. 👍 Cheers to endless summer and a happy, happy 4th!